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Mere Kangna Baaje Jhan-Jhana-Jhan

‘All be upstanding in the court!’ There was a general shuffle as everyone cranked themselves upright to mark the entrance of Mr Justice P.N. Mathur. The honourable judge fussed with his robe as he seated himself on his dais, then … Continue reading

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Shantaram Does London, or In Which Greg Gives it Those Ones

Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts. New Delhi: HarperCollins, Rs 778. Scene One. Colonial from the farthest ends of the erstwhile Brutish Empire gets off boat at Ultima Thule. Jaw drops. Wanders historic streets, is nearly squashed by London cab. Meets … Continue reading

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This Flame Lives Here

I now have my own WordPress site hosted on my very own domain name. Please visit here.

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We Must Have Silence

The nation was under threat. Hellish things had happened, until the very air had sickened with the horror of it. In the midst of a bustling city, death had erupted out of milk cans and banana baskets like a striking … Continue reading

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Shelf Life

Mr Hirachandani loved books. This was fortunate, because he owned a bookstore. He had just enough customers to keep him in chocolate biscuits and strong tea, and he was content to let them browse for hours under its black steel … Continue reading

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The Vessel

This story, which was expanded out of a poem I wrote in 1995, was published in the 1999 issue of the Women’s Sahyog Annual Journal. I worked it up when caught short by a deadline and had to produce something … Continue reading

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Being Indian

This is an article I wrote eight years ago, which was never published. Being Indian It is 1998. There are two years left to the end of the second Christian millennium. There are slightly less than 600 left for the … Continue reading

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