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It was a morning in the dark fortnight when the city turned from the brightness of the Kojagori full moon to the black of Kali Puja. Accordingly, people were being sent out to buy the choicest fish and vegetables for … Continue reading

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The Code of the Geeks

—–BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK—– GL/E d* s+:- a? C++>C+++ L+(-) W++ N+ w+ M- PS+++ PE Y+ PGP t+ 5- X–R+ tv b+++++./.. DI+ D+ G e++++$IFF>=0 h->h r404NotFound z|0 —–END GEEK CODE BLOCK—– If you want to know what … Continue reading

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Maritime Spice Trade, Early 16th Century

And here’s another map from City of Love, showing important places in the maritime spice trade, 1510-1540, especially those that figure in the book.

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Bengal in 1540: Map for City of Love

This is for the book. I made it from a hand trace from an old atlas, scanned with white paper backing, desaturated and worked up in GIMPshop with my own personal map icons. The font is Lucida Calligraphy. The reason … Continue reading

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Check out the new baby. And no, the ambulance was NOT required for the delivery.

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