Jadavpur University Department of English Admissions: Form


There will be no paper form for 2010 BA Admissions.All registration will be online.

Please check http://www.jadavpur.edu/ regularly for the online registration page, which should be up and running by 5 June 2010.

Registration will be open till 15 June 2010.

The entrance exam will be on 23 June 2010 from 12 to 2.30. You need to be at the University by 10am.

DO NOT BRING ANY DOCUMENTS ON THE DAY OF THE TEST. All you need is your face, your brain and a pen. Preferably two pens. And if you like, a bottle of water.



Admission is now open for the BA Honours course in English at Jadavpur University. [DELETED] Along with the form you have to submit xerox copies of your class X and Class XII marksheets, proof of age, and if you are a member of a reserved category (SC, ST, Physically Disabled or Sports), then the relevant certificates as well.


If you get the form in person (they are available 11am to 4pm from the Indoor Stadium. Enter through Gate no 3 next to Jadavpur Post Office) you will have to pay Rs 50. If you download and print the form, you will have to attach a draft of Rs 50 in favour of Jadavpur University.

WE ARE NOT TAKING POSTAL SUBMISSIONS THIS YEAR. If you absolutely cannot come, then send your completed form with draft to the Office of the Secretary to the Dean of Arts, Jadavpur University by courier. However, we cannot guarantee that your form will be considered unless you make sure it gets here in person. This is because the list of people who will sit for the English test comes out on 20 June at 4pm and the test itself is on 22 June at 12 noon. There will not be time to process postal applications.

Please state on your form whether you want to apply for a full or half studentship, which are available to deserving candidates. Sports candidates will also have to apply with the Dean of Arts. Notices regarding sports trials will be up on the notice board by the office of the Dean on 6 June at 4pm.

The cutoff marks this year for getting a form is 65 % (sixty five percent) up five percent from last year. It is 45% (forty five percent) for Sports Quota candidates and there is a 25% relaxation for Scheduled Castes and Tribes and 10% relaxation for PD. There will be no interview.

You don’t need any documents on the day of the test, just bring a pen and your brain. Come early and try to leave your parents at home: the place resembles a battlefield and they won’t be allowed inside the buildings anyway.

This has been a public service message from your friendly neighbourhood faculty member 🙂

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45 Responses to Jadavpur University Department of English Admissions: Form

  1. After the hysterical DU cut-offs, 65% is a welcome change! However, would like to present a case for some uniformity in marking standards across the country. That would benefit some students. Many years ago, I could not even sit for the UGC Net exams, because I was point something short of the requisite 55% (the cut-off had been revised upward from that year). While, in my case the world may not really have missed out on a great professor, but I’m certain there are many others – specially from Bengal – who we are losing out on at various entry levels. I strongly feel there should be a level playing field across the country! For intance, not too many students from Kolkata (who I consider to be extremely brainy) will even be able to think of joining St Stephens etc! Now that’s not exactly fair on St Stephens!

  2. Rimi B. Chatterjee says:

    Sorry, what were the DU cutoffs and why were they hysterical? As for the NET, it has to be one of the most irrational exams ever devised. I can proudly say I have failed it four times, largely because it’s impossible to write ten answers and one essay in two hours and fifteen minutes. Aged muscles fail to comply. Luckily I finished my PH.D in the dawn of time so slipped through the crack. However, I had to twiddle my thumbs at IIT for a while thanks to the UGC. My sympathies.
    Personally, I think Stephens’s loss is our gain. Nuts to ’em!

  3. For the first time this year over 8000 students have scored over 90 per cent forcing the cut off marks for Delhi University to increase by almost 1.5 per cent this year.

    Experts say it all boils down to a mere 2 percent of the total number of students determining these cut-off percentages, leaving students who have scored below 80 percent far behind.

    The Commerce cut off at SRCC last year was 95.5 per cent. Eco honors at SRCC was 94.4 per cent.

    History hons at Hindu college was 82 per cent and English honors at Stephens were around 90 per cent.
    (Source: NDTV)

  4. Sukhaloka says:

    Rimidi, you seriously rock! 😀

    That aside… what’s a half studentship?
    :sowwy for ze ignorance. meep!:

  5. @ Suki
    Well, you see, there’s so much demand for places at JUDE that, regretfully, once in a while, we can’t accommodate the whole of a meritorious student. We then hand Amlanda a sharp axe and he cleaves them neatly in twain, so we can take the bit that includes the right brain hemisphere, which as you know contains the language processing centres 😛
    No, silly, it’s where we pay half their tuition fees 😀
    Such as they are. It comes to slightly more than the cost of a plateful of ice lollies.

  6. bimbabati says:

    Why Amlan da? 😛

  7. Bhooter Raja says:

    He is the unofficial inquisitor of the church!

  8. Upal Deb says:

    8.The gadarene rush for English Major courses even in small towns of India proves that literature is losing out to ‘knowledge in English’.
    That was proved last year when some 90 percenters were asked in
    Delhi about their craze for English Major. They innocently said-English major course will strengthen their power to write better applications for jobs.Long live our ‘brown’ Students.Literature’s loss is language’s gain!

  9. A 1st yr student of JU..... says:

    Usually, those who take up English Hons. after having science in +2 are thought to have obtained very disgraceful marks in HS and that is supposed to be the only reason for taking up English.We the students who love English more than any other subject have to undergo a lot of mental pressure in trying to make people understand our sole reason for taking it up.Well, our frustration was somewhat lessened after we got admission in the BEST UNIVERSITY in INDIA.But, after we had our 1st class with Amlan Da, we undertood that we should be proud to have been able to make this decision.He made us realise what value it has to be able to study English at JU.We must be blessed.Amlan Da is really GREAT and LONG LIVE JU…..ALL THE BEST….

  10. A 1st yr student of JU..... says:

    oooooops, SORRY, I’m still confused with the names of our teachers…..we didn’t even have a class with Amlan Da yet…….THE ABOVE MESSEGE IS MEANT FOR “ANANDA LAL”…..

  11. Erm, I don’t think either of them reads this blog. Why don’t you tell ’em yourself? F2F, like. I promise, they don’t bite. 😉

  12. Arup K. Chatterjea says:

    Tell you all something…with 85% in total and 95 in English two years ere, I failed to secure a seat in Jadavpur University(nor Presidency)…Had to come to delhi and got through to Sri Venkateswara College…A year to go now before I begin to read masters…I wish to return to the city of my long lost dreams…Theres a pleasure in vicarity to see you all happily talking about things in and around the coveted campus…

    Miss/Mrs. Ishani Duttagupta then remains a blissful aberration…I was not made to feel a complete outsider either…

  13. So Arup, why don’t you take a try for JU again the year after next for your MA? We get about seven-eight hundred people taking the text, so there’s less competition. For the BA, there’s over two thousand these days.

  14. Ishani Duttagupta says:

    You’re right both Miss & Mrs are aberrations! I use ‘Ms’. Also, I don’t think I mentioned complete outsider or any such…merely made out a case for a level playing field!

  15. Ishani Duttagupta says:

    Would also like to add that I’m a proud JU alumnus and did my BA & MA in English Lit from here many years ago. Since the writer of the ‘aberration’ comment too aspires to enter my old department, I wish him all the best with his efforts!

  16. Pritam says:

    Take a cart and wheel it around. What you’ll see is cartwheeling vegetables. The carrot orange might catch your attention, then again the green capsicum can nail your eye balls. Whatever man atleast all the hurtling veggies will save you from red meat. what more do you want? Why argue about useless things. Instead go vegetarian on a midsummer night.

  17. Hey man, what are you smoking?

  18. Pritam says:

    I am smoking a special brand of cannabis which shields me against eternal boredom floated on the net. Wanna join me. one smoke and you’ll be out of all this uselss crap.

  19. Sujoy Sen says:

    Hey Rimi, since you are an accomplished writer I would request you to pick up a book of mine. It’s a book of short stories: “The blue mug finds company and other short stories.” I had finished writing it last year. It’s not been published by any big names, but printed by a friend of mine. It’s availiable at earthcare book store, Middleton Row. Please let me know how you like the stories. It’s a humble request. My email:sujoyhotin@rediffmail.com Right now i am in Mumbai working in an ad agency. Have a nice day.

  20. Rimi B. Chatterjee says:

    @ Sujoy: Well, all right, but I normally don’t allow people to promote themselves on this site. I’ll let you off this once.

  21. Rimi B. Chatterjee says:

    Incidentally, you do realise that that’s a wrong use of past perfect?

  22. Sujoy Sen says:

    Sorry for intruding into this site. My apologies, and thanks for letting me off. Wishing all of you all the best.

  23. Surabhi Jiwrajka says:

    I have given my class 12 boards this year and I want to apply for the English Honours course at Jadavpur University. What do I need to do for that at present? When will the forms be available?
    Can I start preparing for the entrance test now? If yes,how? I mean…what is the syllabus and so on…
    And what were the cut-offs last year?

  24. please sent some knowedge

  25. SULAGNA says:

    i absolutely agree with the person who commented on that stigma that makes people believe that science students opting for english is a disgrace.What they dont realise is that we are people who have been out on a quest and treaded the wrong path for two solid years but reached the right conclusion eventually.I need to know what the admission test is like?
    is it a test of real english or the head cracking deplorably boring assortment of questions which utterly disgrace the language?
    can any of u kind souls who are already there let me know of the pattern of questions?
    plz reply to this soul in desperate need

  26. Rimi B. Chatterjee says:

    OK, I see the mad rush for 2010 has begun. Firstly, to answer your questions. The application process opens as soon as the West Bengal Higher Secondary results come out, which a little bird tells me will be around the 12th of nest month. We then give you two weeks to bite and scratch your way to the head of the line. After which, around the 25th, there will be A TEST. The test will measure your basic English skills and your ability to talk sense in a pressurised situation. It helps to READ BOOKS. Any books, preferably not in your syllabus. They don’t have to be highbrow literature, but they do have to be mentally challenging. If you are the kind of person who is suitable for English studies, you should have opinions on your favourite books, your favourite authors, and should be able to tell us WHY you like them. Similarly, if someone makes a statement, you should be able to analyze it intelligently (for an eighteen-year-old) and say something not entirely nonsensical about it.
    The test is in two parts. The first is for 30 marks and measures your basic language skills. If you clear that, we will assess your second part, which is composed of long questions. We don’t give out sample question papers because every year we change the pattern to keep you foxed. However, if you’re desperate, there is a sample up in the department nest to Abhijit Gupta’s room. Please go dressed as your favourite comics character if you want to consult it, or he will bite you.

  27. Rimi B. Chatterjee says:

    Mobile phones will be strictly banned from the entire admission test venue this year. You will have to leave it at home or with your parents, or deposit it against a receipt. We will not be responsible if it gets lost or the departmental dogs eat it. Please deposit Blackberries for preference. IPhones will also do. Interesting conundrum: do you capitalise ‘iPhone’ if it starts a sentence?

  28. jui says:

    hello m jui i wana say dat i got 64.25 percent will form for eng hons,i got 71 in englih…………

  29. Rimi B. Chatterjee says:

    Please do not use this post as a guide to admissions. See the recent posts.

  30. the form requirement is just 65%
    but what’s about admission? does it depend on the exam marks?
    the marks in english(h.s) will not be taken in account?

  31. Manali Mukherjee says:

    i had taken the MA English entrance test at JU this year,and i have been waitlisted under 28.Chances are very slim,i suppose,almost nonexistent.I see my most coveted dream crumbling.The margin between the fisrt few waitlisted ones and us is barely of a 1 mark or sumthng 1.5.Rimi maam i am so disappointed,would you kindly reply..

  32. pooja roy says:

    just hope to get through the admission test!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Manali Mukherjee says:

    I had taken the MA english entrance test at JU this year,i have been waitlisted under 28,i am very disappointed and see my dreams crumbling.Rimi maam could you plz reply

  34. Rimi B. Chatterjee says:

    What can I say? The race is not always to the swift. I know it’s very unfair that we only take 15 people, where so many apply, but our teaching load is huge already, and we can’t take more with given resources. All I can do is wish you better luck elsewhere.

  35. ashmita chatterjee says:

    hey i am a commerce student from mumbai university but i am interested in doing my MA in ENGLISH LITERATURE from JU… but i am just not getting enough information about the admissions in JU? i am looking forward to relocate in KOLKATA but am just confused with the % required after my TYBCOM, the entrance test, infact just want 2 know how da things work out during da admissions procedure… please do reply??!!!?!?

  36. Madhumita says:

    My son had completed ISC (with Science)in 2009 with 93% marks…but he always wanted to take up English…so it is not always a case of those not being able to score marks finally move to English!! I kind of influenced him to take up Eco last year (did not force him though)but am carrying the guilt now….after a couple of months he realised he was not enjoying it at all. I believe that at the end of everything one should love what one is doing…so a course correction…. he apeared for JU English admission exam and we are all waiting with our fingers crossed!! (Ms Chatterjee…for obviuos reasons didnot mention my son”s name) :)If he gets through, I will let u know! Regards

  37. Madhumita says:

    oops..sorry for all the typos/grammatical errors in the above message…typed in a hurry from my mobile…Sorry!!

  38. My son had completed h.s from w.b.this year with 68% marks in Eqo,stats,maths comp.Sc combination. He always want to take up English as he got letter marks in English. I always insist him to do Eqo honurs. For this he did not submit J.U. form.Now i want to admit him in English honours. Will he get any chance to fulfill his desireness. Kindly let me know through E-mail so that i may contact with you

  39. Nidhi says:

    Hello ma’am, I’ve completed my graduation with Eng(Hons),and wish to enroll for the publishing and editing course offered by JU.Can you please inform me about the enrollment process. Thank you.

  40. Abhijit Gupta says:

    @ nidhi: the editing-publishing course begins early january and admissions are announced in late-nov. keep an eye on the course blog at http://editpub.blogspot.com/

  41. Krishnendu says:

    I am eager to bag my MA degree in English lit. from JU. I am diehard to clear the entrance test.Could someone provide me with information about intake capacity,and a brief overview about the ‘most-wanted’ entrance-test,and how should I prepare myself to clear the entrance-test.waiting for a sharp reply.

  42. Arainda Battacharya says:

    My daughter has passed B.A. English(Hons)in 1st Div. from DU last year. She intends to admit herself in MA in English or Comparative literature in JU in 2011. Please let me know the procedure and date of admission etc. Arabinda Bhattacharya

  43. sumana mitra. says:

    i am a student of b.a(general)2nd year.i want to do special honours in english literature from j.u.is there any chance to do so.n howmuch marks is requared for this in graduation?if u kindly say me the deatails about the matter i’ll be greatfull to you.and please let me know when the admissin will be started,and about the admission procedure.sumana mitra.

  44. Sattik Dey says:

    I would like to know whether we require 65% marks only in English to get a chance at doing English honors, or do we require 70% as average marks in all the subjects.

  45. Nabanita samanta says:

    I am a student of class twelve now. I am willing to get admission in BA English honours at JU in 2016. Please let me know the approx marks required to be allowed to sit for the admission test and how can I prepare myself for the admission test after hs. Please reply. Thanks

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