And the MP3s

Here is some raw stock from the rooftop concert in CR Park on 13 October. I don’t have pictures of it, sadly. The small gathering was nearly busted by the police, egged on by the outraged neighbours, but they managed to play most of their songs. This was recorded with a single cordless mike and a laptop, so the values are a bit skewed, but you can hear the sound.

Oh boy, the sound.

Emmanuel Dechenaux’s ftp site

Thanks to Emmanuel for hosting them. Hope his bandwidth is better than mine. Some of the files are rather large. Patience!

Happy listening.


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5 Responses to And the MP3s

  1. sandeep says:

    i think after my coment “liberal’s who expose free speech ” like you will banish me away but some news for you your entire motive has been against Todi’s it like assumed Mr Todi killed rizwanaur rehamn period CBI needs to put its approval on this !!CBI has also Investigated the Ex-girl friend of Mr Rehamn to who he spoke for quite a length of time …so ..well nothing wrong per se for ANY man to speak to ANY woman i am liberal enuf to admit that !! but .. yeah ..i know .. So lets see where this goes ..And my upbringing does not allow me to ridicule the dead may his soul rest in peace and he get justice … but point is justice not at the cost of injustice to anyone else just to show some kind of “victory parade ” thats being done by “liberal thinking people”

  2. sandeep says:

    BTW where does “Liberal’s Voices go silent on this issue ” why oh why ?? why no songs are penned no candle light vigil are held .. Barkha dutt who so “fair in her show that she called only Hindu girls who married muslim man ” but didn’t want to perhaps offend “certain community ” by not calling on muslim girls who might have rebelled and married outside !! Liberal’s where are you the girl in above story is crying for help ..i know what your answer is going to be ..Pioneer is now servant for “Hindu Hardline Fanatics ” like me so its not credible enuf ..Point taken

  3. sandeep says:

    sorry if the link didnt work coz i think Pioneer needs to webeditor to knws his stuff the story is given below
    Another inter-faith couple in eye of storm

    Saugar Sengupta | Kolkata

    The Kolkata Police seems to have forgotten everything and learnt nothing from the infamous Rizwanur Rehman murder case. The force has now zeroed in on a new couple to repeat the misfortune. Unlike Rizwanur, this time the man is a Hindu and his wife, a Muslim.

    Ramashankar Shaw, a Corporation employee and resident of Belgachia in north Kolkata, had tied the knot with Mehtab Khatoon, his neighbour on July 14, 2006. The couple managed to keep the marriage under wraps until the wife decided to leave her house to live with her parents-in-law.

    According to Ramashankar, his father-in-law Mustakim Khan lodged a case of kidnapping at the Tala police station and allegedly hired Sub-Inspector Bashir Khan to issue threats to the Shaws’ to send the woman back to her parents.

    Moreover, when the couple refused to submit valid documents proving their marriage, a group of policemen raided the Shaws’ house and allegedly picked up Ramashankar’s mother and brother Umashankar. The police refused to release them until the couple surrendered before the police.

    “We have been on the run since September 3,” Ramashankar said.

    “In fact, my brother Jamal might get us killed whenever we return,” Mehtab Khatoon said. The Khans have allegedly hired a gangster from Metiabruz area to force the Shaws’ to send Mehtab back. The gangster, the Shaws’ claim, has all the support from the police.

    Though we have submitted a written statement on our marriage along with the supporting documents, the police have refused to act, Mehtab complained.

    According to Umashankar, the police have violated the common code of conduct by asking a woman, in this case his mother, to personally appear at the police station when the police have to interrogate a woman at a place of her choice. Not only this, like in the Rizwanur case, the police have also violated the Supreme Court’s directive to help and not harass couples marrying outside their cast or religion, he said.

    When The Pioneer contacted senior officials of the Lal Bazaar police headquarters, they refused to comment on the issue saying that the Kolkata Police has launched a Public Grievances Cell where people can register their complaints against any police officer or police station.

  4. Thanks, Sandeep, but this perhaps wasn’t the post on which you should have commented. Have you listened to the mp3s?

  5. sasanka says:

    sandeep mu mobile no is (0)9971036061 .. wehave to do something .. otherwise these barkha dutts … and rimi’s will hijack the true spirit of a frss society … call me up .. we need to do something ..

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