So That's How They Came Up With It

Beijing Olympic logo

This cartoon was sent to me by a friend, so I can’t tell you the provenance of this internet meme. Explains a lot, though, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile kudos to Baichung Bhutia for having the moxie to stand up and be counted. I really don’t know what’s going to happen when the torch gets here on the 17th. The government has already told the Dalai Lama that India is full of secessionists who will jump for joy if he keeps on about Tibet and immediately occupy the moral high ground and clamour for their own countries. This pretty much equates us with China in terms of our relationships with disgruntled communities within the nation. Sobering thought. One has to admit that our government’s record hasn’t been good where we’ve had to deal with the margins, politically, socially and economically. But at least organised state sponsored pogroms aren’t the rule.

Oh yes, there was Gujarat.

And the various incidents in Manipur and Nagaland.

And, er, Nandigram.

Oh dear.

Well, we have elections, so we must be better than them.

In any case, Mani Shankar Aiyar has said that the Asian Games will do no good to the slumdwellers on the banks of the Yamuna. Ah, there you are: no Chinese politician’s heart bleeds for the oppressed of Tibet. We must be better than them.

Ah, but Aiyar has been stripped of the Sports and Youth portfolio for saying that and apparently causing the 2014 Asian Games to go to South Korea. And if I remember correctly, he said the same thing about the Commonwealth Games last year and got up lots of people’s noses. So Aiyar’s stance is nothing to do with Tibet. Or China.

Damn. There must be someone in this country who has something sensible to say about this. Apart from ace footballers, I mean. Oh yes, there was Sunanda K. Datta Ray saying that India ought to take a moral position on Tibet. Followed by angry letters to the editor.

No doubt lots of people will wonder why sport should have anything to do with politics. I’d like to ask them why Indians get so het up about cricket matches with Pakistan. Remember the Berlin Olympics of 1936? Nine Jews won medals there. Hitler went on to perpetrate the holocaust. Deja vu, anyone?

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8 Responses to So That's How They Came Up With It

  1. Bhooter Raja says:

    Aamir Khan, the role model for lots of Indians (but whom I have never liked), says that he will run with the torch but with a prayer for the people of Tibet on his lips. A hypocrite if I ever saw one (and there is of course his ‘I am a farmer’ remark).

    And while you are on the topic of the Asian games and slum dwellers, Delhi is planning to eradicate slum dwellers before the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Even more horrifying is that it is planning to kill all street dogs (similar to what Bangalore was doing some time back).

  2. Bhooter Raja says:

    eradicate slums I mean, not slum dwellers, but yes, Delhi is planning to actually kill street dogs.

  3. anonandon says:

    That cartoon is brilliant. Did it get published anywhere?

    As for eviction et al, Mumbai has a great track record. Fortunately, we have things like bomb blasts, the threat of communal riots and Kareena Kapoor’s new look/boyfriend to make sure ickle things like breaking down slums don’t make headlines.

  4. Hello Anon, lovely to have you aboard. Kolkata is soft on eviction thanks to Mamata, though it’s still managed to get rid of a few slums, mainly the ones that the slumdwellers themselves agreed were really unbearable. On the positive side, the govt at least has to pretend to give them a fair resettlement deal. It only works in the city, though. The mofussil is another story 🙂

  5. anonandon says:

    This cartoon has been haunting me. Would you mind if I posted about it on my blog, linking it to your site?

  6. Of course go ahead. Much obliged 🙂

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