JUDE Swings

Diptanshu Roy and Sujoy ChakravartyDiptanshu Roy (mandolin) and Sujoy Chakravarty (electric guitar) played at the JUDE AV room today, with a sound rig that could have blasted us off the planet if they’d used it’s full potential. Luckily they only used it to allow themselves to play softly as Dip had a sprained finger.  They played mostly originals with covers of those old favourites Sweet Georgia Brown, I Know You Rider and Ripple, ending with a brilliant interpretation of Minor Swing. The Rented House Fan Club was there in full force as well as friends, family and wellwishers, not all of them from JUDE. We had a high ex-Jude count as well. The music was absolutely stunning (I can say this with impunity as Sujoy is unlikely to comment me with a list of their fluffs and miscues which is what he always gives you when you say anything of the sort to him.) The fluffs and miscues, such as they were, and only those of us who’d heard them rehearse could tell where they were, made no difference to the audience who clapped to Minor Swing (never thought I’d ever see that). In all, the evening was worth the long wait as some people turned up by 5pm and we started at 7.30. We managed to finish before we got locked in, the eternal peril of doing anything in the AV Room. Lots of people came and told me we have to do this again soon.


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2 Responses to JUDE Swings

  1. Suki says:

    Yes yes, do it again! Preferably after my tryst with this flu is over and I can stay back for it!

  2. diptanshu says:

    for those of you who couldnt make it… here’s the link to sweet georgia brown! we hope to see you all soon.


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