The Refurbished Dojo at JU

Nicely painted and all.


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2 Responses to The Refurbished Dojo at JU

  1. Indranil says:

    dear all, it is nice to hear that the art of Aikido is spreading through the renowned & esteemed University of yours. There will be an international seminar on Aikido from November 27,2010 to December 04,2010 at the Calcutta Judo Club, under Sihan Walter Oeschlager (6th Dan Black Belt) from Germany, organized by “The Academy of Aikido (India)” (the oldest Aikido school in India. Interested persons may contact Sensi Utpal Chakraborty (09836167148). You may see the site of the academy also “”.

  2. Rimi B. Chatterjee says:

    Thanks, Indranil 🙂

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