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Here is a sneak preview of the sample pages  of Kalpa,  my graphic novel. This is from the first volume, titled Shadowfalls. I’m presently scripting the second part, called Shadowbox. I know it’s a little difficult to make out what’s … Continue reading

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The Book Thief

Markus Zusak, The Book Thief, Definitions 2008, 9781862302914, &#163 4.10. Appropriately for a story set in a small German town during World War II, this is a book narrated by Death. It’s also about books, and defines the title term … Continue reading

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Terror Checks In

It gets worse. We’ve been hearing how Narendra Modi has been telling everyone that terror in India no longer has anything to do with Pakistan and that ‘homegrown’ terror cells are responsible for the Ajmer, Hyderabad and Delhi bombings. How … Continue reading

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Jai Bajrangbali

One can tell the BJP has got over its sulks. At the risk of being deluged with hate mail, may I point out that there is a pattern to be seen in the recent events in Orissa, the posturings that … Continue reading

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How to Beat the Calcutta Rains

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