Seminar Notice: Dreaming Differently

School of Media Communication and Culture, Jadavpur University presents

Dreaming Differently

a UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Animation, 20-21 January, 11am to 5pm, Vivekananda Hall, Subarnajayanti Bhavan, Jadavpur University

20 January

1030-1100 – Tea

Session I

1100-1130 – Inauguration

1130-1300 – Mr. Shankar S, Studio Head, Metaphor Studios

1300-1345 – Lunch

Session II

1400-1430 – Prof. Sekhar Mukherjee, National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, Getting high with Low Art’.

1430-1500 – Tea

Session III

1500-1700 – Film Screening (Metaphor Studios)

21 January

1030-1100 – Tea

Session I

1100-1120 – Prof. Pinaki De, Senior Lecturer, Raja Peary Mohan College, Uttarpara, ‘The Rotoscoped Reality in A Scanner Darkly’

1120-1140 – Mr. Dipanjan Choudhuri, Researcher and Film Maker, ‘Playgrounds of the Real: Redefining Cinematic Representation in the Age of Digital Reproduction’

1200-1300 – Prof. Rimi B Chatterjee, Senior Lecturer, Department of English, and Kriyetic Studios, ‘Kalpa: Taking a graphic novel from script to print’

1300-1345 – Lunch

Session II

1400-1445 – Discussion (Future of Animation). Discussants: Mr. Sekhar Mukherjee, Mr. Shankar S.

Session III

1500-1700 – Film Screening (Pinaki De)


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2 Responses to Seminar Notice: Dreaming Differently

  1. Naini says:

    Hey Rimi! Sorry, didn’t tell you, but I’ve changed my address – you can find me at

  2. Naini says:

    Wait, does that count as self-promotion??? Haha.

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