Meeting for Project C on 4 July 2009

Project C

Project C

Meeting on 4 July 2009

People present:

  • Arijit Sett
  • Arnab Chakravorty
  • Atreyee Day
  • Avijit Chatterjee
  • Monidipa Mondal
  • Nibedita Sen
  • Prayag Ray
  • Pujarini Sen
  • Rimi B. Chatterjee
  • Rohan Ghatak
  • Sharad Soumya Majumdar
  • Shayeari Dutta
  • Sudeshna Dutta Chaudhuri
  • That is 13 out of 37 local members. Atreyee Day made it in spite of pressing family commitments; great to have her on board. We kicked around some ideas for a logo and people were encouraged to think further about this and the masthead and cover layout.

    Story ideas being developed by Rohan Ghatak, Monidipa Mondal, Prayag Ray, Pujarini Sen, Atreyee Day and Arnab Chakravorty were discussed

    We discussed possible ways of handling writer/artist collaborations. These would vary from very intense collaboration where writer and artist work closely together on thumbnailing and visualization, to a freewheeling interaction where the writer merely scripts and hands over the text to the artists to work with in a relatively unsupervised way, coming in only to give feedback on the first draft. Either method will work well, depending on the level of mental sync and styles of working of those involved. In each individual case the teams will have to try out various ways of working before they find a method that suits them. Hence the long lag time we are giving people.

    The primary purpose of the meeting was for people to meet and get to know each other, and that was admirably served. What we need to do now is develop story ideas. For this it is better if we have one-on-one story-fixing meetings with writers as and when convenient. The group will therefore work in isolation for the next fortnight or so, and individuals who need help or feedback will get in touch with me and Avijit privately and we will meet them as needed. This system will continue till the script stage is completed.

    When story-drafting is done, writers and artists will start working together. In some cases teams have already been formed. Where writer and artist know they are going to work together, and if they are in fairly frequent touch, we encourage them to consult each other over the scripting process. In other cases, the writer works alone. Writers who don’t yet have artists will get help from us to find one.

    All the best, and keep those stories boiling.

    And here is our facebook page.


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