Project C Google Group

I’ve also set up a google group for project C which will be our core working group. Again, email me or Avijit if you want to be on this, or comment this post. The group is I had to add the ‘india’ as plain project-c was taken.

Work on Project C continues. I know we haven’t been very regular with updates, but of necessity Project C work happens when other stuff yields a little free time. We’ve slightly changed our emphasis: we’re now taking in story ideas, scripting them ourselves and sending them to artists to work on. A few trial scripts will be circulated soon for artists to try their hands.

We’ve determined that there are several levels of interaction we can expect from people.

Ideas contributor. You have a story idea, or a short prose story you think will work as a graphic story, but you have no idea how to turn it into one. You give us the idea or the short story, we credit you for it and do the script and visualization ourselves. We then get an artist in to do the artwork. You get your name on a graphic story with minimal sweat.

Entry-level participation. You have a script all visualized out. You either team up with an artist, or we match you up with one. Alternatively, you draw and would like to try your hands at comics; we find you a scriptwriter or you rope in one yourself and form a  team. The two of you sit with us for a few sessions and get guidance on the technicalities of making comics. You work only on your story, and don’t bother your heads about the project admin or other stuff. We need a lot of people who will do this and be loosely connected to the project. In the development phase (ie now) you can take your time and you won’t have a schedule or deadlines until you have thumbnailed the entire story with our guidance and have drawn the first (and probably the second as well) instalment, but once your story is in the pipeline and has begun to be issued you will have to submit on the monthly publication schedule until all the issues of your story are published.

Edit-level participation. Here you’ll be giving us input on format and content for the magazine, and giving some of your time and effort to putting it together, as well as working on your own stuff if any. Here you will have to follow a schedule and submit work to deadlines, come regularly to meetings and carry out various housekeeping tasks. This level of participation will become necessary once we have a work chain in place and have generated enough content and funding to start the mill turning.

Core Group. The Core Group will deal with administration, handle funds, organise events and network with sponsors and supporters. This is where the buck stops. Right now it’s just me and Avijit, but we don’t see any reason why it should be restricted to us. Of course, we’ll have to be careful who we choose to join, because this is the highest position of trust. This project is likely to need quite a few hands on the steering wheel, and since we’re all professional people, at present it runs on our spare resources in both time and money.


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