China Mieville Coming to JU

China Mieville is one of the most exciting fantasy novelists working in English today. I’ve just managed to get my hands of one of his books, Perdido Street Station. At first I found his style difficult and slow to read and his language seemed spiky and unfinished. But then I got into the story and it rocked. It is very visual writing, tightly plotted, with weird, unforgettable characters and a sharply poignant denouement. Like Terry Pratchett on LSD. The world he created mixed science and magic and got away with it (the latter is the real test) and the city of New Crobuzon, built over the ancient bones of some extinct animal, is a fabulous location. There is nothing that excites a spec-fic writer more than an elaborate and detailed world, lovingly crafted.

We’re very lucky to be having him at JU on 5 March for a workshop in the AV Room from 11 to 2, which I’m afraid is only open to JU-ites. First twenty to sign up will be chosen. Mail me or accost me in the corridor.

For the rest, do not mourn, there will be open workshops as well, but for the schedule you’ll have to ask British Council, who are bringing him.


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