Black Light Out Next Month

Black Light, as I’ve mentioned before, is the new title of the heavily revised Live like a Flame. For those who missed the earlier posts: Black Light is a kind of mystery story about the death by suicide of an artist. Except that no one knows she’s an artist until after her death, they think she’s a slightly eccentric aunt who lives alone and has no enemies. But her nephew, a journalist, suspects that her life was not an bland as everyone thinks, and he follows a trail of clues she left behind that lead him to five different places in Eastern India that were significant in her life, and where she has hidden artworks and stories. He has to discover them all and put them all together to find out who she really was.

Right now I am rushing through the final edits of the book, while Avijit is busy on the cover. I’ve done five new pencil sketches to go in the book. So here I’m putting up the raw scans of the old rejected sketches. These head each of the five inset stories.

The Tiger and the Snake


The Refuge

Heart's Solace

Black Light


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5 Responses to Black Light Out Next Month

  1. Sonal Kapur says:

    Rimi di the sketches are brilliantly done and very interesting!It’s obvious why you have chosen these to head the inset stories.Each sketch appears to contain so many stor(ies). Eagerly waiting to read ‘Black Light’…

  2. Sue says:

    This is only tangentially related, Rimidi, but I never did get around to telling you I really enjoyed City of Love. Found the last bit rather abrupt, but I think you did a damn fine job of it for the rest.

    Just thought it’s about time I mentioned it. I did read it many moons ago. 🙂 Looking forward to the new one.

  3. Amit Bhaya says:

    About the first rejected pencil sketch (The Tiger and the Snake). It looks a bit like an object familiar to mathematicians as the Alexander Horned Sphere (see for example).

    I really enjoy your perspective in your polemics and prose and your site is a mine of information. I also love the crows! Keep up the good work.

    Have you seen the work of the Brazilian cartoonist Allan Sieber? Unfortunately, all in Portuguese at:

    The parent site is his blog called the Allan Sieber Talk to Himself Show

    Enjoy (although even the Google Translator will not help much).

    Greetings from Rio


  4. austere says:

    This is intricate work!
    Didn’t know you sketch. As well. 🙂
    All the best with the new book.

  5. Beq says:

    These sketches are damn good Rimi! Fabulous!

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