Get Ready for Minor Swing

It’s high time I upgraded this blog to the new WordPress 3.1 (Django Reinhardt). So I’m going to attempt it tonight, and I may be offline for a while. The upside is, if I can do this properly, I’ll never have to manually upgrade again, since newer versions of WordPress have automated this function. The downside is, manual upgrades suck. So far I’ve never had one go without a hitch, and I really don’t want to have a meaningful relationship with MySQL. I did actually try to upgrade a month or so back, but was too chicken to delete my existing build and just copied the files over it (I had a backup handy as well). Nothing changed, perhaps predictably. So I’ll have to grit my teeth and wipe the thing clean before I lay out the new one. Except that I’ve completely forgotten what customisations I’ve done. One thing that always screws up is the hosting-in-root-page thing: i always end up with a blank page in root and have to mess with code to get rid of the index.php thing. Hate it.

I’ll also probably have to change my theme, which is a pity as I’ve grown very fond of Atahualpa, but let’s see.

Wish me luck!

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