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Empires of the Mind

Empires of the Mind

Empires of the Mind: A History of the Oxford University Press in India During the Raj (New Delhi: OUP, 2006).

Winner of the SHARP Delong Book Prize 2006.

This came out of material I gathered in the UK while doing my thesis, and traces the story of how the Oxford University Press became the publishing behemoth it is today, with special reference to India. It also looks at the (somewhat eccentric) people who figured in the story, and the books they made and sold.

See review in The Hindu

Also reviewed in The Book Review June 2006 by Suguna Ramanathan (not available online)

Selected Chapters and Articles

Moveable Type

Moveable Type

‘Pirates and Philanthropists: British Publishers and Copyright in India, 1880-1935’

In Moveable Type: Book History in India, edited by Abhijit Gupta and Swapan Chakravorty. New Delhi: Permanent Black, 2008

Print Areas

‘“Every Line for India”: Oxford University Press and the Rise and Fall of the Rulers of India Series’

Print Areas: Book History in India, edited by Abhijit Gupta and Swapan Chakravorty. New Delhi: Permanent Black, 2004.

Essays and Studies

‘Far Flung Fiction: Colonial Libraries and the British Raj’

Essays and Studies 17, Jadavpur University, 2003


‘Reviewing Books in the Public Space: There, and Back Again’. In Re(Views), edited by Sayantan Dasgupta. Canadian Studies Programme Vol. 4. Calcutta: Jadavpur University, 2003

‘The Literary Translator as an Anthropologist’. Anthropology News

Journal of Scholarly Publishing

‘Translation’, Journal of Scholarly Publishing 33(3):148-165

‘A Short Account of the Company’s Trade with the Subcontinent’, in Macmillan: A Publishing Tradition, 1843 – 1970, , pp 153-69, edited by Dr Elizabeth James. London: Macmillan, 2001.

‘Canon without Consensus: Rabindranath Tagore and the “Oxford Book of Bengali Verse”’, in Book History 4:303–33.


‘How India Took to the Book: British Publishers at Work Under the Raj’.

In Les mutations du livre et de l’édition dans le monde du XVIIIe siècle à l’an 2000 [Changes in Books and Publishing in the World from the 18th Century to the Year 2000], edited by Jacques Michon and Jean-Yves Mollier. Québec: Presses de l’Université Laval, and Paris: L’Harmattan, 2001.