Buying My Books

I get inquiries from many people, often based in different cities or abroad, as to how they can buy my books. For them I would recommend that they NOT use Amazon, eBay or similar sites based in the First World, because these sites at present only carry individual copies selling at horrendous prices. Instead click any one of the bookseller sites opposite, preferably Scholars without Borders as they will not charge you an arm and a leg.

SwB is a good site to buy any Indian books, actually. Check out their list. You will need a credit card of course. Here are their methods, crossposted from their website:


The basic operation at Scholars without Borders is as follows:

Choose the books you want. The price for each book is the list price in India, in Indian Rupees. (A currency converter is on our website for you to figure out what they cost in your local currency.)
Choose the delivery mode you want: registered book post or Speed Post. DHL or UPS is also a possibility. Charges for these are also at Indian rates.
Choose the payment mode that suits you best: Credit card (for orders from anywhere), or cheques/ demand drafts (only within India). If you prefer a direct bank transfer, here are the details:

Full Name of company: Scholars without Borders Book Company Private Limited
Account Number: 704866902
Bank: Indian Bank, Aurobindo Place, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016, INDIA.
Swift Code:

Credit card payment is via the CCAvenue Gateway, which is a secure payment method. They charge a fee of 8% for each transaction.
You pay for the books+shipping by credit card, direct bank transfer, or cheque (please add Rs 50 for cheques drawn on banks outside Delhi), and we ship them out to you once we get the confirmed payment. This might take a few days for cheques, but it is immediate for the credit card payment. If you transfer funds to our bank account, send us an email along with deposit details.

They calculate weights rounded to the nearest 250 g. If your order is heavier than 2kg, they may break this down into several shipments, but will correspond with you on all such issues BEFORE they ship the books out. There is a table of postal charges here.

Their email addresses are: and

Or you can use the other Indian online booksellers in my blogroll. As far as possible, I’ve tried to list sellers who are trustworthy and have an established reputation. For your convenience, I’m repeating the links here.

Manohar Books

Oxford Bookstore

Munshiram Manoharlal


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