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David B

We had a fabulous chat with David B on Tuesday, with fit audience though few including many of the Drighanchoo team. David B is his pen name: he was born Pierre-Francois Beauchard, but in a series of significant steps changed … Continue reading

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Post-Workshop Meetings

Well, the workshop on graphic novel writing at Seagull was a huge success, even though we had only seven people. All of them came up with kickass stories that we would like to see developed further. The most interesting was … Continue reading

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Crystal Palace Is My Chorus

Kari, Amruta Patil, HarperCollins India, Rs 295, ISBN 978-81-7223-710-3 Comics are clearly the Next Big Thing in this country. For a serious artist, there is nothing more galling that being seen as a practitioner of the Next Big Thing, however … Continue reading

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Images of Durga by Ranjan Das

Continuing the thread of works by artist friends, here are some greetings cards made by a fellow karateka, Ranjan Das. I have more artwork by him, but most of it’s too large to scan. He says he has lots more … Continue reading

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The Journey to Kapil Muni’s Hideout

Recently I was asked what this was, which those of you who’ve read City of Love will know appears in the ‘Acknowledgements’. I explained that it was a reference to an unpublished graphic novel by someone who often comments on … Continue reading

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