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Technical Problem with WordPress

This is a screenshot of my comments moderation dashboard (the funny colours are due to errors in upload and have nothing to do with the problem). I’m having a problem with my wordpress comments index, as you can see. Right … Continue reading

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.1

Finally managed this upgrade without too much pain. Over the next few days I’ll be looking to fix bugs: please report if you find any.

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Boxer on Blogs

Here’s an interesting article by Sarah Boxer in the New York Times on blogs. I didn’t know so many mavens had written about blogging. Must be in the forefront of new culture, in that case :).

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Please Note

With great regret I have to announce that I will be strict with comments henceforth. I’ve received quite a number of comments that are only tangentially related to the issue at hand and/or use abusive language and/or are blatantly self … Continue reading

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Comments Problem: Please be Patient

There seems to be a problem posting comments to my blog. This is probably the result of the minor upset last week where I had to restore the database. However, fixing this looks like it’ll be tricky, because autorestores of … Continue reading

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F2F with Greatbong: Where are all the little ‘uns?

Blogmeet happened on Wednesday 16 May, as scheduled. T3 was its interesting shabby best, and true to form after a few pots of tea/coffee they were completely confused as to who had ordered what. In the meantime, much stimulating conversation … Continue reading

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The Spamayana

Once in the hallowed realm of cyberspace there lived a great king, and his name was Musa Abu Sani. He had four sons, and their names were Jimmy Gamba, Amos Zongo, Max Dongo and Maori R. Chloroforming. Seeing as he … Continue reading

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