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Great Bong Comes to Town

Arnab Ray, May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss!, HarperCollins, ISBN 978-81-7223-937-4, Rs 199. Yes! Arnab Ray, known to his many fans all over the world as the Great Bong, Bollywood junkie, cornucopia of trivia, Dadaist and blogger extraordinaire, owner of … Continue reading

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Boxer on Blogs

Here’s an interesting article by Sarah Boxer in the New York Times on blogs. I didn’t know so many mavens had written about blogging. Must be in the forefront of new culture, in that case :).

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Campaign for Rizwanur Rahman

If you don’t like the idea of civil liberties being trampled upon by people who think they own other people, then do something to show that you don’t approve of the way the authorities have behaved in the Rizwanur Rahman … Continue reading

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F2F with Greatbong: Where are all the little ‘uns?

Blogmeet happened on Wednesday 16 May, as scheduled. T3 was its interesting shabby best, and true to form after a few pots of tea/coffee they were completely confused as to who had ordered what. In the meantime, much stimulating conversation … Continue reading

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Eternal September of the Sunless Mind

I don’t usually post about non-literary things. But these past few days I have had a total of twenty four invites to a piece of excrement called Gazzag, and I am fed up. So are other well respected and worthy … Continue reading

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