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Open Letter to Savita Bhabhi

I know my blog has been rather boring of late. Just to spice things up a bit, here is a post on Savita Bhabhi. Enjoy! Dearest Savita Bhabhi, My most respected bhabhiji, I am writing to say that I miss … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve Assault in Mumbai 2008

This is an article I wrote about the assault on two women in Mumbai on New Year’s Eve this year. It was written for a national newspaper but never carried. I’d forgotten about it until reminded by the offog. Actually, … Continue reading

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I am Shyamoli

This is a story I wrote for a Women’s Day competition. The theme was ‘Is this what it means to be a woman?’ and these words had to occur somewhere in the story. This is a byproduct of research I’m … Continue reading

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Bangle in the Jangle

Renuka Chowdhury has a gift for someone she loves. It’s a set of bangles — empowerment bangles. She’s decided that this International Women’s Day, she has to do something to refurbish the image of this centuries-old ornament. Usually, bangles make … Continue reading

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This is the story I sent to Neel. And before people start posting dumb questions, I’d better declare that this story is entirely fictional, and all the characters and incidents are totally made up. There now. *********‘Your hair! What have … Continue reading

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Some Reflections Upon Love

Id Mubarak to all, especially the family of Rizwanur Rahman for whom, it must be said, there is little to celebrate, but let’s hope that next year proves to be better, for them and for us. It is just possible … Continue reading

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Fourteenth Day of the Vigil

We were there on the fourteenth day of the vigil in front of St Xavier’s and took part in the meeting. Today’s Telegraph Metro carried pictures of some of us. If anyone doubts that this movement is gathering momentum, they … Continue reading

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