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This Morning’s Times of India

I know that print ads are placed well in advance, and are difficult to pull at short notice, but this morning this is what we see on the last page of Calcutta Times. And check out the fine print. Seriously, … Continue reading

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The World of the Game

To continue my thread of posts on games. As you can see the debate is hotting up, and Deepak has weighed in with his considered opinion. Deepak Sharma, for those of you who don’t know him, is the artist of … Continue reading

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Unreal Tournament

I’ve been asked repeatedly whether I’m going to blog about the Bombay blasts, and I’m still in two minds about it. First of all, what could I find to say that hasn’t been said already in the outpourings of grief, … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, When Jadavpur Sneezes…

…Three TV channels catch a cold. This is the scene on the day after the student election results in the Arts faculty. Yes, the day after. Honestly, there must be hapless people whose beat is this university. Their bosses must … Continue reading

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Stray Shopping Carts of the Indian Diaspora

Can anyone tell me what this is all about? This ad has been appearing in the Telegraph for some days now. It’s a promotional for Jhuma Lahiri’s latest book of short stories. In case you can’t read the fine print … Continue reading

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NDTV We the People

Just watched the edition of NDTV’s ‘We the People’ live from St Xavier’s College. I did make an attempt to note down the phone no you had to call to be on it, but it was very long and went … Continue reading

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Smile, You’re on TV

Kura scurried into the courtyard with his bucket and his broom. In the predawn gloom he could barely see the cobbles under his feet, but he could feel them, slippery and cold as ice. He swept up, trying not to … Continue reading

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