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The Book Thief

Markus Zusak, The Book Thief, Definitions 2008, 9781862302914, &#163 4.10. Appropriately for a story set in a small German town during World War II, this is a book narrated by Death. It’s also about books, and defines the title term … Continue reading

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Harinath Babu rolled the little white sphere around in his fingers. Then he delicately dropped it through the thin neck of the little bottle he was holding. Very carefully he measured out a tiny amount of the required dilution and … Continue reading

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The New Asvameda

China is busy fumigating the world. In a ritual started by Adolf Hitler, they have undertaken an unprecedented world-girdling journey with the Olympic torch, guarded by a band of tracksuited heavies who have been called thugs by several nations who’ve … Continue reading

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