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Chandrayaan Has Made It!

Yes! Chandrayaan has managed the delicate slingshot operation to get itself round the moon and has settled into its orbit of comfort. This was the real test: we are now handling a machine further away from the earth than anything … Continue reading

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Chandrayaan Show Coming from Planetarium

All is not lost: ISRO is reaching out to you. The Telegraph carried this story on 1 November. Special show on moon mission MP Birla Planetarium is planning a special show dedicated to Chandrayaan-1 by the end of 2009, inspired … Continue reading

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Chandrayaan is Off!

Just a quick post to commemorate Chandrayaan’s departure (finally) this morning. I am currently in Delhi. Normal service will resume next week. I’d also like to express my concern over the fact that the heap of articles, analysis and press … Continue reading

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One Small Step Only

Recently I’ve been interested in the South Pole-Aitken basin, the largest hole in the solar system. No, it isn’t on Earth, it’s on the moon. I plan to set the climax of Antisense (which by the way is the new … Continue reading

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Today is Holi, Fateh ud Doaz Daham, Navroz and Good Friday. It’s also the Spring Equinox, the big mama of all festivals which most of the former are designed to represent. The movable feasts of human time are the result … Continue reading

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