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The World of the Game

To continue my thread of posts on games. As you can see the debate is hotting up, and Deepak has weighed in with his considered opinion. Deepak Sharma, for those of you who don’t know him, is the artist of … Continue reading

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The Game and the World

Sorry about the hiatus: work has been eating too much of my time to bear thinking about. Currently edit pub is running, so I have a fourteen hour working day most days, at least four hours of which involve shouting. … Continue reading

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Prizes to Win!!!!

No, this is not a spam post. I have a stats plugin on this site, so I can see how many visits I receive and how I get traffic. My plugin tells me that I have an average of 0.24 … Continue reading

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How to Buy My Book Online

Quite a few people since Edinburgh have been inquiring from abroad as to how they can buy City of Love online. For them I would recommend that they NOT use Amazon, eBay  or similar sites based in the First World, … Continue reading

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Boxer on Blogs

Here’s an interesting article by Sarah Boxer in the New York Times on blogs. I didn’t know so many mavens had written about blogging. Must be in the forefront of new culture, in that case :).

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