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Subhas Chakraborty Tried to Kill Me

It’s official. Dipak Chakraborty, Chief Scientist of the Pollution Control Board, has admitted that the government can no longer explain away the horrendous condition of the air in Calcutta, and moreover it is commercial vehicles, especially autos, that are to … Continue reading

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The Farce Goes On

As predicted, the Bookfair farce has gotten worse. The ‘token’ inauguration on the Maidan was in contravention of several legal orders, and a prime candidate for a contempt of court case. It was a provocative gesture designed to destroy any … Continue reading

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The Book Fair is Homeless

The Calcutta Book Fair is homeless. This will come as no surprise to anyone who has been following the whole sorry story of how the government and the Publishers’ and Booksellers’ Guild have argued, pontificated, prevaricated and temporised on the … Continue reading

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Burrabazar, Burning Once Again

The heart of Calcutta’s business district has gone up in flames again (the last incident was in December 2002). I was there at 10am this morning and saw the whole thing from a distance of some fifty metres. An area … Continue reading

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